Knowing you is always the place to start.
I can show you how.


with Victoria Priya

(formerly Victoria Tidwell Palmer)


Join me and a community of authentic, powerful women in these all-new LIVE monthly workshops on Zoom!

We'll spend the first part of each experiential workshop on one of the components of the framework† I teach women who are ready to use the power they already have to create the life they want to live. The last part of the workshop will be reserved for your questions.

†The Radiant Threefold Path of Return+Reclaim+Receive is a framework that will teach you how to Return to yourself to find your inner truth and to experience conscious self-love.

The Return+Reclaim+Receive path will show you how to stand for yourself as your fiercest ally (boundaries), and how to become an open, gracious channel for Receiving. Through Returning, Reclaiming, and Receiving you Regenerate yourself, your relationships, family, community, and the world.

In these monthly workshops you will:

  • Gain knowledge and tools for your journey of transformation.
  • Have powerful mindset shifts that you may not have thought were possible.

  • Leave every session with clarity, direction, and actionable steps you can take based on the workshop topic.

About Victoria.

For over three decades, I've worked with courageous women as they have faced, healed, and overcome the impact of relational trauma. I've also faced and healed deeply personal wounds of my own. (One thing they don't tell you is that if you're dedicated to personal growth, it never ends!)

Your transformation lights me up.

When I see a client wake up in an instant to the liberating truth that what she's been thinking and believing about herself for decades is a lie, it’s the highlight of my day.

Your life can fundamentally change in a moment just like that one.

I love guiding my clients on a journey of Returning to the authentic truth of who they are. Reclaiming what is theirs. And Receiving everything that is meant for them so that they can Regenerate their lives, their relationships, families, communities, and the world.

*Formerly Victoria Tidwell Palmer